Who is Dr Vaksman?

Dr. Irena Vaksman, a San Francisco dentist, truly understands the value of quality patient care – and how to provide it. Adhering to the principles of conservative dentistry, she continually stresses the importance of treating less patients per day, and spending more time with each one. This allows her to effectively educate patients about preventative dental health or, if medically necessary, about treatment options for an existing condition.

 In addition to graduating New York University School of Dentistry’s prestigious Advanced Education in General Residency program, Dr. Vaksman has many years of extensive expertise in both clinical and cosmetic practices, as well as serving as a restorative dentistry instructor at University of the Pacific School of Dentistry.

Dr. Irena Vaksman stays on the forefront of cosmetic and preventative dentistry through advanced continuing dental education, and is also committed to keeping the San Francisco dental office "green-friendly" through such things as: computerized X-rays, sanitized and filtered water, and a mercury-free policy.

Most importantly, Dr. Vaksman has devoted her career to treating all of her patients with the greatest care, and providing each patient with the best quality treatment.

To know more about Dr Vaksman, visit her website at San Francisco Dentist